For centuries mourning doves have protected the inhabitants of Castle Dunbrair and the bearer of a powerful silver ring on a silver chain.

          Michael of Dunbrair, a 12th-century knight in the army of Richard the Lionheart, has fallen in love with the queen’s adopted daughter. A love like no other grows between them. However, since Catharine is unwillingly betrothed to another all they have are fleeting moments during dangerous secret meetings. When Richard is wounded, their least likely ally intervenes.

          In 1967, Catharine Saunders struggles with the brutal deaths of her parents. Michael, her soulmate, has always been there to love and protect her, but when he suddenly disappears, Catharine is left alone with her grief.

          While she builds a new life and makes new friends, Catharine is haunted by episodes of déjà vu, and inexplicable visions that always include Michael, castles, knights – and the mysterious ever-present doves, which seem
to follow her everywhere…

         Is she going mad? Or are these strange happenings surfacing unforgotten memories? As the visions intensify, Catharine begins a search that will lead her to discover a past life of love and magic.