A historical novel of soulmates, time travel and past-life memories.

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About The Story

           In this historical romance novel, Michael of Dunbrair is a 12th-century knight in the army of Richard the Lionheart, who falls in love with the queen’s adopted daughter. Since Catharine is unwillingly betrothed to another, all they had were fleeting moments during dangerous secret meetings. When Richard is wounded, their least likely ally intervenes. 

           Flash forward to 1967, and Catharine Saunders encounters devastation as she struggles to deal with the brutal deaths of her parents. Michael, her soulmate, had always been there to comfort her during her darkest hours but has disappeared leaving her to cope alone. 

           Catharine builds a new life and new friendships but is haunted by episodes of déjà vu and of visions she cannot explain... which always include Michael, castles and knights - and then there are the ever-present doves that seem to follow Catharine everywhere… 

          Is she going mad? Or are these strange happenings surfacing memories of a past-life?