My eclectic background includes British, Italian, Canadian, and Mexican influences, which together have produced a kaleidoscope of ideas, expressions, and traditions that I believe has enriched my thinking and writing. I have accumulated several unpublished manuscripts, shorts stories, essays, and countless poems. For a year and a half, I contributed freelance stories for the daily newspaper, 'El Sol de Toluca', in the state of México. My column, “Introspección Femenina” covered a wide range of everyday topics from women’s health issues, new-age innovations, environmental concerns, to mentioning the latest works of local artists and authors.

          I published my first book, “Una Razón Para Vivir”, on the subject of my teenage son's suicide. Subsequently, I became a public speaker and advocate, focusing attention on the urgency of recognizing and preventing the increase of adolescent suicides.

          I have been working on this novel, “The Doves of Castle Dunbrair”, for nearly five years. Would I have taken on this challenge if early on someone had told me that it would take that long? Yes, I would have…because this story has long been in my mind and has haunted me until I finally put pen to page… or, in today’s world, fingers to keyboard.

          I hope you enjoy this time-travelling / past-life journey, which affirms the everlasting power of love.